Our Lady Star of Sea - St. Mary's, GA

March 2021
Date Day Time Intention Note
3/1Mon8:00amSpecial Intentions (D)Fr. Jake Private Mass
3/2Tue5:00pmMain Church
3/3Wed8:00amDaily Chapel
3/4Thu8:00amDaily Chapel
3/5Fri8:00amSpecial Intentions (L)Daily Chapel
3/6Sat5:00pmMain Church
3/7Sun11:00amMain Church
3/7Sun4:00pmMain Church
3/8Mon8:00amFr. Jake Private Mass
3/9Tue5:00pmSpecial Intentions (L)Main Church
3/10Wed8:00am+ Frank McNanna (D)Daily Chapel
3/11Thu8:00amDaily Chapel
3/12Fri8:00amDaily Chapel
3/13Sat5:00pm+ Mary Jordan (D)Main Church
3/14Sun11:00am+ Andrew Whitlock (D)Main Church
3/14Sun4:00pm+ David Epley (D)Main Church
3/15Mon8:00amFr. Jake Private Mass
3/16Tue5:00pm+ Doris Williams (D)Main Church
3/17Wed8:00amSpecial Intentions (D)Daily Chapel
3/18Thu8:00amDaily Chapel
3/19Fri8:00amDaily Chapel
3/20Sat5:00pmMain Church
3/21Sun11:00am+ Edna Wardwell (D)Main Church
3/21Sun4:00pm+ James Kiss (D)Main Church
3/22Mon8:00amFr. Jake Private Mass
3/23Tue5:00pmMain Church
3/24Wed8:00am+ Andrew Whitlock (D)Daily Chapel
3/25Thu8:00am+ Michael Bliton (D)Daily Chapel
3/26Fri8:00am+ Cepta Gaughan (D)Daily Chapel
3/27Sat5:00pmSpecial Intentions (D)Main Church
3/28Sun11:00amMain Church
3/28Sun4:00pmMain Church
3/29Mon8:00amKeith Rahn Bday blessings (L)Fr. Jake Private Mass
3/30Tue5:00pmSoul of Eduardo Bautista (D)Main Church
3/31Wed8:00amSpecial Intentions (D)Daily Chapel

April 2021
Date Day Time Intention Note
4/1Thu8:00amDaily Chapel
4/2Fri8:00amDaily Chapel
4/3Sat5:00pm+ James Kiss (D)Main Church
4/4Sun2:00pm50th Birthday Blessings for Karine Masterson (L)Main Church
4/5Mon8:00amSpecial Intentions (D)Fr. Jake Private Mass
4/6Tue5:00pm+ Esmeralda L. Luna who passed away 3-31-2021 (D)Main Church
4/7Wed8:00amDaily Chapel
4/8Thu8:00amDaily Chapel
4/9Fri8:00amDaily Chapel
4/10Sat5:00pm+ Raymond J Grady (D)Main Church
4/11Sun8:30amSt. Francis of Assisi
4/11Sun11:00am+ Andrew Whitlock (D)Main Church
4/12Mon8:00amFr. Jake Private Mass
4/13Tue5:00pmSpecial Intentions (D)Main Church
4/14Wed8:00amDaily Chapel
4/14Wed6:00pmMissy Capers Birthday Blessings (L)St. Francis of Assisi
4/15Thu8:00amDaily Chapel
4/16Fri8:00amDaily Chapel
4/17Sat5:00pm+ Susan Feller (D)Main Church
4/17Sat5:00pmMain Church
4/18Sun8:30amSt. Francis of Assisi
4/18Sun11:00amPrayers for our recently departed, mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, Connie Singer. (D)Main Church
4/18Sun2:00pm+ James Kiss (D)Main Church
4/19Mon8:00amFr. Jake Private Mass
4/20Tue5:00pmMain Church
4/21Wed8:00amSpecial Intentions (D)Daily Chapel
4/21Wed6:00pmSt. Francis of Assisi
4/22Thu8:00amDaily Chapel
4/23Fri8:00am+ Frank McNanna (D)Daily Chapel
4/24Sat5:00pmMain Church
4/25Sun8:30amSt. Francis of Assisi
4/25Sun11:00am+ Aaron Powers (D)Main Church
4/25Sun11:00amMain Church
4/25Sun2:00pm+ Michael Bliton (D)Main Church
4/26Mon8:00amFr. Jake Private Mass
4/27Tue5:00pmKathy Salamida (L)Main Church
4/28Wed8:00am+ Andrew Whitlock (D)Daily Chapel
4/28Wed6:00pmSt. Francis of Assisi
4/29Thu8:00amSpecial Intentions (D)Daily Chapel
4/30Fri8:00amDaily Chapel

May 2021
Date Day Time Intention Note
5/1Sat5:00pm+ Martha Maria Magdolna Varga (Dear Mother of Agnes) (D)Main Church
5/2Sun8:30amSt. Francis of Assisi
5/2Sun11:00amMain Church
5/2Sun2:00pmMain Church
5/3Mon8:00am+ Kyran Gaughan (D)Fr. Jake Private Mass
5/4Tue5:00pmSpecial Intentions (D)Main Church
5/5Wed8:00amDaily Chapel
5/5Wed6:00pmSt. Francis of Assisi
5/6Thu8:00amDaily Chapel
5/7Fri8:00amSpecial Intentions (L)Daily Chapel
5/8Sat5:00pmMain Church
5/9Sun8:30amSt. Francis of Assisi
5/9Sun11:00am+ Andrew Whitlock (D)Main Church
5/9Sun2:00pm+ John Francis & Mary Francis Morrissey (D)Main Church
5/10Mon8:00am+ Frank McNanna (D)Fr. Jake Private Mass
5/11Tue5:00pmMain Church
5/12Wed8:00amSpecial Intentions (D)Daily Chapel
5/12Wed6:00pmSt. Francis of Assisi
5/13Thu8:00amDaily Chapel
5/14Fri8:00amDaily Chapel
5/15Sat5:00pmMain Church
5/16Sun8:30am+ Mildred Martin (D)St. Francis of Assisi
5/16Sun11:00amMain Church
5/16Sun2:00pm+ James Kiss (D)Main Church
5/17Mon8:00amFr. Jake Private Mass
5/18Tue5:00pmMain Church
5/19Wed8:00amDaily Chapel
5/19Wed6:00pmSt. Francis of Assisi
5/20Thu8:00amSpecial Intentions (D)Daily Chapel
5/21Fri8:00amDaily Chapel
5/22Sat5:00pmMain Church
5/23Sun8:30amSt. Francis of Assisi
5/23Sun11:00amMain Church
5/23Sun2:00pmMain Church
5/24Mon8:00amFr. Jake Private Mass
5/25Tue5:00pm+ Michael Bliton (D)Main Church
5/26Wed8:00am+ Andrew Whitlock (D)Daily Chapel
5/26Wed6:00pmSt. Francis of Assisi
5/27Thu8:00amDaily Chapel
5/28Fri8:00amSpecial Intentions (D)Daily Chapel
5/29Sat5:00pmMain Church
5/30Sun8:30amSt. Francis of Assisi
5/30Sun11:00amMain Church
5/30Sun2:00pmMain Church
5/31Mon8:00amFr. Jake Private Mass

June 2021
Date Day Time Intention Note
6/1Tue5:00pmMain Church
6/2Wed8:00amDaily Chapel
6/2Wed6:00pmSt. Francis of Assisi
6/3Thu8:00amDaily Chapel
6/4Fri8:00amSpecial Intentions (L)Daily Chapel
6/5Sat5:00pmSpecial Intentions (D)Main Church
6/6Sun8:30amSt. Francis of Assisi
6/6Sun11:00amMain Church
6/6Sun2:00pmMain Church
6/7Mon8:00amFr. Jake Private Mass
6/8Tue5:00pmMain Church
6/9Wed8:00amSpecial Intentions (D)Daily Chapel
6/9Wed6:00pmSt. Francis of Assisi
6/10Thu8:00am+ Leon & Mary Jordan (D)Daily Chapel
6/11Fri8:00amDaily Chapel
6/12Sat5:00pm+ James Kiss (D)Main Church
6/13Sun8:30amSt. Francis of Assisi
6/13Sun11:00am+ Andrew Whitlock (D)Main Church
6/13Sun2:00pm10th Birthday of Julia Bautista (L)Main Church
6/14Mon8:00amSpecial Intentions (D)Fr. Jake Private Mass
6/15Tue5:00pmMain Church
6/16Wed8:00amDaily Chapel
6/16Wed6:00pmSt. Francis of Assisi
6/17Thu8:00amDaily Chapel
6/18Fri8:00amDaily Chapel
6/19Sat5:00pmMain Church
6/20Sun8:30amSt. Francis of Assisi
6/20Sun11:00amMain Church
6/20Sun2:00pm+ James Kiss (D)Main Church
6/21Mon8:00amBirthday of Earl Bautista (L)Fr. Jake Private Mass
6/22Tue5:00pmSpecial Intentions (D)Main Church
6/23Wed8:00am+ Andrew Whitlock (D)Daily Chapel
6/23Wed6:00pmSt. Francis of Assisi
6/24Thu8:00amJeffrey Van Horn BDay blessings (L)Daily Chapel
6/25Fri8:00am+ Michael Bliton (D)Daily Chapel
6/26Sat5:00pmMain Church
6/27Sun8:30amSt. Francis of Assisi
6/27Sun11:00amMain Church
6/27Sun2:00pmSpecial Intentions (D)Main Church
6/28Mon8:00amFr. Jake Private Mass
6/29Tue5:00pmMain Church
6/30Wed8:00amDaily Chapel
6/30Wed6:00pmSt. Francis of Assisi

July 2021
Date Day Time Intention Note
7/1Thu8:00amDaily Chapel
7/2Fri8:00amSpecial Intentions (L)Daily Chapel
7/3Sat5:00pmpendingMain Church
7/4Sun8:30amSt. Francis of Assisi
7/4Sun11:00amMain Church
7/4Sun2:00pm+ Barrett King (D)Main Church
7/5Mon8:00amFr. Jake Private Mass
7/6Tue5:00pmMain Church
7/7Wed8:00amDaily Chapel
7/7Wed6:00pmSt. Francis of Assisi
7/8Thu8:00amDaily Chapel
7/9Fri8:00amDaily Chapel
7/10Sat5:00pmStetson Shepard Bday blessings (L)Main Church
7/11Sun8:30amSt. Francis of Assisi
7/11Sun11:00am+ Andrew Whitlock (D)Main Church
7/11Sun2:00pmMain Church
7/12Mon8:00amFr. Jake Private Mass
7/13Tue5:00pmMain Church
7/14Wed8:00amDaily Chapel
7/14Wed6:00pmSt. Francis of Assisi
7/15Thu8:00amDaily Chapel
7/16Fri8:00amDaily Chapel
7/17Sat5:00pmMain Church
7/18Sun8:30amSt. Francis of Assisi
7/18Sun11:00amMain Church
7/18Sun2:00pm+ James Kiss (D)Main Church
7/19Mon8:00amFr. Jake Private Mass
7/20Tue5:00pmMain Church
7/21Wed8:00am+ W. K. Jones (D)Daily Chapel
7/21Wed6:00pmSt. Francis of Assisi
7/22Thu8:00amDaily Chapel
7/23Fri8:00amDaily Chapel
7/24Sat5:00pmMain Church
7/25Sun8:30amSt. Francis of Assisi
7/25Sun11:00am+ Michael Bliton (D)Main Church
7/25Sun2:00pmMain Church
7/26Mon8:00amFr. Jake Private Mass
7/27Tue5:00pm+ Nellie Hill Jones (D)Main Church
7/28Wed8:00am+ Andrew Whitlock (D)Daily Chapel
7/28Wed6:00pmSt. Francis of Assisi
7/29Thu8:00amDaily Chapel
7/30Fri8:00amDaily Chapel
7/31Sat5:00pmMain Church

August 2021
Date Day Time Intention Note
8/1Sun8:30amSt. Francis of Assisi
8/1Sun11:00am+ John Pasuit (D)Main Church
8/1Sun2:00pmMain Church
8/2Mon8:00amAmanda England BDay blessings (L)Fr. Jake Private Mass
8/3Tue5:00pmMain Church
8/4Wed8:00amDaily Chapel
8/4Wed6:00pmSt. Francis of Assisi
8/5Thu8:00amDaily Chapel
8/6Fri8:00amSpecial Intentions (L)Daily Chapel
8/7Sat5:00pmMain Church
8/8Sun8:30amSt. Francis of Assisi
8/8Sun11:00am+ Andrew Whitlock (D)Main Church
8/8Sun2:00pmMain Church
8/9Mon8:00amFr. Jake Private Mass
8/10Tue5:00pmMain Church
8/11Wed8:00amBryant Shepard Bday blessings (L)Daily Chapel
8/11Wed6:00pmSt. Francis of Assisi
8/12Thu8:00amDaily Chapel
8/13Fri8:00am+ John Pasuit (D)Daily Chapel
8/14Sat5:00pmMain Church
8/15Sun8:30amSt. Francis of Assisi
8/15Sun11:00amMain Church
8/15Sun2:00pmMain Church
8/16Mon8:00amFr. Jake Private Mass
8/17Tue5:00pmMain Church
8/18Wed8:00am+ Andrew Whitlock (D)Daily Chapel
8/18Wed6:00pmSt. Francis of Assisi
8/19Thu8:00amDaily Chapel
8/20Fri8:00am+ Judy Spiegel (D)Daily Chapel
8/21Sat5:00pmMain Church
8/22Sun8:30amSt. Francis of Assisi
8/22Sun11:00am+ Frank McNanna (D)Main Church
8/22Sun2:00pmMain Church
8/23Mon8:00amFr. Jake Private Mass
8/24Tue5:00pmMain Church
8/25Wed8:00am+ Michael Bliton (D)Daily Chapel
8/25Wed6:00pmSt. Francis of Assisi
8/26Thu8:00amDaily Chapel
8/27Fri8:00amDaily Chapel
8/28Sat5:00pmMain Church
8/29Sun8:30amSt. Francis of Assisi
8/29Sun11:00amMain Church
8/29Sun2:00pmMain Church
8/30Mon8:00amFr. Jake Private Mass
8/31Tue5:00pmMain Church

September 2021
Date Day Time Intention Note
9/1Wed8:00amDaily Chapel
9/1Wed6:00pmSt. Francis of Assisi
9/2Thu8:00amDaily Chapel
9/3Fri8:00amSpecial Intentions (L)Daily Chapel
9/4Sat5:00pmMain Church
9/5Sun8:30amSt. Francis of Assisi
9/5Sun11:00amMain Church
9/5Sun2:00pmMain Church
9/6Mon8:00amFr. Jake Private Mass
9/7Tue5:00pmMain Church
9/8Wed8:00amDaily Chapel
9/8Wed6:00pmSt. Francis of Assisi
9/9Thu8:00am+ James Kiss (D)Daily Chapel
9/10Fri8:00amDaily Chapel
9/11Sat5:00pmMain Church
9/12Sun8:30amSt. Francis of Assisi
9/12Sun11:00am+ Andrew Whitlock (D)Main Church
9/12Sun2:00pmMain Church
9/13Mon8:00amFr. Jake Private Mass
9/14Tue5:00pmMain Church
9/15Wed8:00amDaily Chapel
9/15Wed6:00pmSt. Francis of Assisi
9/16Thu8:00amDaily Chapel
9/17Fri8:00amDaily Chapel
9/18Sat5:00pmMain Church
9/19Sun8:30amSt. Francis of Assisi
9/19Sun11:00amMain Church
9/19Sun2:00pmMain Church
9/20Mon8:00amFr. Jake Private Mass
9/21Tue5:00pmMain Church
9/22Wed8:00am+ Andrew Whitlock (D)Daily Chapel
9/22Wed6:00pmSt. Francis of Assisi
9/23Thu8:00amDaily Chapel
9/24Fri8:00amDaily Chapel
9/25Sat5:00pm+ Michael Bliton (D)Main Church
9/26Sun8:30amSt. Francis of Assisi
9/26Sun11:00amMain Church
9/26Sun2:00pmMain Church
9/27Mon8:00amBirthday Blessing for Jonathan Murphy (L)Fr. Jake Private Mass
9/28Tue5:00pmMain Church
9/29Wed8:00amDaily Chapel
9/29Wed6:00pmSt. Francis of Assisi
9/30Thu8:00amDaily Chapel

October 2021
Date Day Time Intention Note
10/1Fri8:00amSpecial Intentions (L)Daily Chapel
10/2Sat5:00pmMain Church
10/3Sun8:30amSt. Francis of Assisi
10/3Sun11:00amMain Church
10/3Sun2:00pmMain Church
10/4Mon8:00amFr. Jake Private Mass
10/5Tue5:00pmMain Church
10/6Wed8:00amDaily Chapel
10/6Wed6:00pmSt. Francis of Assisi
10/7Thu8:00amDaily Chapel
10/8Fri8:00amDaily Chapel
10/9Sat5:00pmMain Church
10/10Sun8:30amSt. Francis of Assisi
10/10Sun11:00am+ Andrew Whitlock (D)Main Church
10/10Sun2:00pm+ James Kiss (D)Main Church
10/11Mon8:00amFr. Jake Private Mass
10/12Tue5:00pmJohn & Susan Bayless Anniversary (L)Main Church
10/13Wed8:00amDaily Chapel
10/13Wed6:00pmSt. Francis of Assisi
10/14Thu8:00amDaily Chapel
10/15Fri8:00amJohn Bayless Bday blessings (L)Daily Chapel
10/16Sat5:00pmBlake Shepard Bday blessings (L)Main Church
10/17Sun8:30amSt. Francis of Assisi
10/17Sun11:00am13th birthday of Zoey Bautista (L)Main Church
10/17Sun2:00pmMain Church
10/18Mon8:00amFr. Jake Private Mass
10/19Tue5:00pmMain Church
10/20Wed8:00amDaily Chapel
10/20Wed6:00pmSt. Francis of Assisi
10/21Thu8:00amDaily Chapel
10/22Fri8:00amDaily Chapel
10/23Sat5:00pmMain Church
10/24Sun8:30amSt. Francis of Assisi
10/24Sun11:00amMain Church
10/24Sun2:00pmMain Church
10/25Mon8:00am+ Michael Bliton (D)Fr. Jake Private Mass
10/26Tue5:00pmMain Church
10/27Wed8:00am+ Andrew Whitlock (D)Daily Chapel
10/27Wed6:00pmSt. Francis of Assisi
10/28Thu8:00amDaily Chapel
10/29Fri8:00amDaily Chapel
10/30Sat5:00pmMain Church
10/31Sun8:30amSt. Francis of Assisi
10/31Sun11:00amMain Church
10/31Sun2:00pmMain Church

November 2021
Date Day Time Intention Note
11/1Mon8:00amFr. Jake Private Mass
11/2Tue5:00pmMain Church
11/3Wed8:00amHilary Van Horn Bday blessings (L)Daily Chapel
11/3Wed6:00pmSt. Francis of Assisi
11/4Thu8:00amDaily Chapel
11/5Fri8:00amSpecial Intentions (L)Daily Chapel
11/6Sat5:00pmBirthday of Renali Bautista (L)Main Church
11/7Sun8:30amSt. Francis of Assisi
11/7Sun11:00amMain Church
11/7Sun2:00pmMain Church
11/8Mon8:00amFr. Jake Private Mass
11/9Tue5:00pmMain Church
11/10Wed8:00amDaily Chapel
11/10Wed6:00pmSt. Francis of Assisi
11/11Thu8:00amDaily Chapel
11/12Fri8:00amDaily Chapel
11/13Sat5:00pmMain Church
11/14Sun8:30amSt. Francis of Assisi
11/14Sun11:00am+ Andrew Whitlock (D)Main Church
11/14Sun2:00pmMain Church
11/15Mon8:00amFr. Jake Private Mass
11/16Tue5:00pmMain Church
11/17Wed8:00amDaily Chapel
11/17Wed6:00pmSt. Francis of Assisi
11/18Thu8:00amDaily Chapel
11/19Fri8:00amDaily Chapel
11/20Sat5:00pmKristie Shepard Bday blessings (L)Main Church
11/21Sun8:30amSt. Francis of Assisi
11/21Sun11:00amMain Church
11/21Sun2:00pmMain Church
11/22Mon8:00amFr. Jake Private Mass
11/23Tue5:00pmMain Church
11/24Wed8:00am+ Andrew Whitlock (D)Daily Chapel
11/24Wed6:00pmSt. Francis of Assisi
11/25Thu8:00amDaily Chapel
11/26Fri8:00amDaily Chapel
11/27Sat5:00pmMain Church
11/28Sun8:30amSt. Francis of Assisi
11/28Sun11:00amMain Church
11/28Sun2:00pmMain Church
11/29Mon8:00amFr. Jake Private Mass
11/30Tue5:00pmMain Church

December 2021
Date Day Time Intention Note
12/1Wed8:00amDaily Chapel
12/1Wed6:00pmSt. Francis of Assisi
12/2Thu8:00amDaily Chapel
12/3Fri8:00amSpecial Intentions (L)Daily Chapel
12/4Sat5:00pmMain Church
12/5Sun8:30amSt. Francis of Assisi
12/5Sun11:00amMain Church
12/5Sun2:00pmMain Church
12/6Mon8:00amFr. Jake Private Mass
12/7Tue5:00pmMain Church
12/8Wed8:00amDaily Chapel
12/8Wed6:00pmSt. Francis of Assisi
12/9Thu8:00amDaily Chapel
12/10Fri8:00amDaily Chapel
12/11Sat5:00pmMain Church
12/12Sun8:30amSt. Francis of Assisi
12/12Sun11:00am+ Andrew Whitlock (D)Main Church
12/12Sun2:00pmMain Church
12/13Mon8:00amFr. Jake Private Mass
12/14Tue5:00pmMain Church
12/15Wed8:00amDaily Chapel
12/15Wed6:00pmSt. Francis of Assisi
12/16Thu8:00amDaily Chapel
12/17Fri8:00amDaily Chapel
12/18Sat5:00pmMain Church
12/19Sun8:30amSt. Francis of Assisi
12/19Sun11:00amMain Church
12/19Sun2:00pmMain Church
12/20Mon8:00amFr. Jake Private Mass
12/21Tue5:00pmMain Church
12/22Wed8:00am+ Andrew Whitlock (D)Daily Chapel
12/22Wed6:00pmSt. Francis of Assisi
12/23Thu8:00amDaily Chapel
12/24Fri8:00amDaily Chapel
12/25Sat5:00pmMain Church
12/26Sun8:30amSt. Francis of Assisi
12/26Sun11:00amMain Church
12/26Sun2:00pmMain Church
12/27Mon8:00amFr. Jake Private Mass
12/28Tue5:00pmMain Church
12/29Wed8:00amDaily Chapel
12/29Wed6:00pmSt. Francis of Assisi
12/30Thu8:00amDaily Chapel
12/31Fri8:00amBirthday Blessing - James Nolan (L)Daily Chapel

January 2022
Date Day Time Intention Note
1/1Sat5:00pmMain Church
1/2Sun8:30amSt. Francis of Assisi
1/2Sun11:00amMain Church
1/2Sun2:00pmMain Church
1/3Mon8:00amFr. Jake Private Mass
1/4Tue5:00pmMain Church
1/5Wed8:00amDaily Chapel
1/5Wed6:00pmSt. Francis of Assisi
1/6Thu8:00amDaily Chapel
1/7Fri8:00amDaily Chapel
1/8Sat5:00pmMain Church
1/9Sun8:30amSt. Francis of Assisi
1/9Sun11:00amMain Church
1/9Sun2:00pmMain Church
1/10Mon8:00amFr. Jake Private Mass
1/11Tue5:00pmMain Church
1/12Wed8:00amDaily Chapel
1/12Wed6:00pmSt. Francis of Assisi
1/13Thu8:00amDaily Chapel
1/14Fri8:00amDaily Chapel
1/15Sat5:00pmMain Church
1/16Sun8:30amSt. Francis of Assisi
1/16Sun11:00amMain Church
1/16Sun2:00pmMain Church
1/17Mon8:00amFr. Jake Private Mass
1/18Tue5:00pmMain Church
1/19Wed8:00amDaily Chapel
1/19Wed6:00pmSt. Francis of Assisi
1/20Thu8:00amDaily Chapel
1/21Fri8:00amDaily Chapel
1/22Sat5:00pmMain Church
1/23Sun8:30amSt. Francis of Assisi
1/23Sun11:00amMain Church
1/23Sun2:00pmMain Church
1/24Mon8:00amFr. Jake Private Mass
1/25Tue5:00pmMain Church
1/26Wed8:00amDaily Chapel
1/26Wed6:00pmSt. Francis of Assisi
1/27Thu8:00amDaily Chapel
1/28Fri8:00amDaily Chapel
1/29Sat5:00pmMain Church
1/30Sun8:30amSt. Francis of Assisi
1/30Sun11:00amMain Church
1/30Sun2:00pmMain Church
1/31Mon8:00amFr. Jake Private Mass

February 2022
Date Day Time Intention Note
2/1Tue5:00pmMain Church
2/2Wed8:00amDaily Chapel
2/2Wed6:00pmSt. Francis of Assisi
2/3Thu8:00amDaily Chapel
2/4Fri8:00amDaily Chapel
2/5Sat5:00pmMain Church
2/6Sun8:30amSt. Francis of Assisi
2/6Sun11:00amMain Church
2/6Sun2:00pmMain Church
2/7Mon8:00amFr. Jake Private Mass
2/8Tue5:00pmMain Church
2/9Wed8:00amDaily Chapel
2/9Wed6:00pmSt. Francis of Assisi
2/10Thu8:00amDaily Chapel
2/11Fri8:00amDaily Chapel
2/12Sat5:00pmMain Church
2/13Sun8:30amSt. Francis of Assisi
2/13Sun11:00amMain Church
2/13Sun2:00pmMain Church
2/14Mon8:00amFr. Jake Private Mass
2/15Tue5:00pmMain Church
2/16Wed8:00amDaily Chapel
2/16Wed6:00pmSt. Francis of Assisi
2/17Thu8:00amDaily Chapel
2/18Fri8:00amDaily Chapel
2/19Sat5:00pmMain Church
2/20Sun8:30amSt. Francis of Assisi
2/20Sun11:00amMain Church
2/20Sun2:00pmMain Church
2/21Mon8:00amFr. Jake Private Mass
2/22Tue5:00pmMain Church
2/23Wed8:00amDaily Chapel
2/23Wed6:00pmSt. Francis of Assisi
2/24Thu8:00amDaily Chapel
2/25Fri8:00amDaily Chapel
2/26Sat5:00pmMain Church
2/27Sun8:30amSt. Francis of Assisi
2/27Sun11:00amMain Church
2/27Sun2:00pmMain Church
2/28Mon8:00amFr. Jake Private Mass

March 2022
Date Day Time Intention Note
3/1Tue5:00pmMain Church
3/2Wed8:00amDaily Chapel
3/2Wed6:00pmSt. Francis of Assisi
3/3Thu8:00amDaily Chapel
3/4Fri8:00amDaily Chapel
3/5Sat5:00pmMain Church
3/6Sun8:30amSt. Francis of Assisi
3/6Sun11:00amMain Church
3/6Sun2:00pmMain Church
3/7Mon8:00amFr. Jake Private Mass
3/8Tue5:00pmMain Church
3/9Wed8:00amDaily Chapel
3/9Wed6:00pmSt. Francis of Assisi
3/10Thu8:00amDaily Chapel
3/11Fri8:00amDaily Chapel
3/12Sat5:00pmMain Church
3/13Sun8:30amSt. Francis of Assisi
3/13Sun11:00amMain Church
3/13Sun2:00pmMain Church
3/14Mon8:00amFr. Jake Private Mass
3/15Tue5:00pmMain Church
3/16Wed8:00amDaily Chapel
3/16Wed6:00pmSt. Francis of Assisi
3/17Thu8:00amDaily Chapel
3/18Fri8:00amDaily Chapel
3/19Sat5:00pmMain Church
3/20Sun8:30amSt. Francis of Assisi
3/20Sun11:00amMain Church
3/20Sun2:00pmMain Church
3/21Mon8:00amFr. Jake Private Mass
3/22Tue5:00pmMain Church
3/23Wed8:00amDaily Chapel
3/23Wed6:00pmSt. Francis of Assisi
3/27Sun8:30amSt. Francis of Assisi
3/27Sun2:00pmMain Church
3/30Wed6:00pmSt. Francis of Assisi

April 2022
Date Day Time Intention Note
4/3Sun8:30amSt. Francis of Assisi
4/3Sun2:00pmMain Church
4/6Wed6:00pmSt. Francis of Assisi
4/10Sun2:00pmMain Church
4/17Sun2:00pmMain Church
4/24Sun2:00pmMain Church

May 2022
Date Day Time Intention Note
5/1Sun2:00pmMain Church
5/8Sun2:00pmMain Church
5/15Sun2:00pmMain Church
5/22Sun2:00pmMain Church
5/29Sun2:00pmMain Church

June 2022
Date Day Time Intention Note
6/5Sun2:00pmMain Church
6/12Sun2:00pmMain Church
6/19Sun2:00pmMain Church
6/26Sun2:00pmMain Church

July 2022
Date Day Time Intention Note
7/3Sun2:00pmMain Church
7/10Sun2:00pmMain Church
7/17Sun2:00pmMain Church
7/24Sun2:00pmMain Church
7/31Sun2:00pmMain Church

August 2022
Date Day Time Intention Note
8/7Sun2:00pmMain Church

September 2022
Date Day Time Intention

October 2022
Date Day Time Intention

November 2022
Date Day Time Intention

December 2022
Date Day Time Intention

January 2023
Date Day Time Intention

February 2023
Date Day Time Intention

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