Our Lady Star of Sea - St. Mary's, GA

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September 2021
Date Day Time Intention Note
9/1Wed8:00am+ Tom Bartak (D)Daily Chapel
9/2Thu8:00am+ Doris Stengel (D)Daily Chapel
9/3Fri8:00amThe 13 military members lost last week (D)Daily Chapel
9/4Sat5:00pm+ Scott MacDonald (D)Main Church
9/5Sun8:30amMichelle Collins birthday blessings (L)St. Francis of Assisi
9/5Sun11:00amPro Populo (O)Main Church
9/5Sun2:00pm+ Sondra Gilman Gonzalez-Falla (D)Main Church
9/7Tue5:00pm+ Doris Stengel (D)Main Church
9/8Wed8:00am+ Alfred Meunier (D)Daily Chapel
9/8Wed6:00pm+ Scott Beasley (D)St. Francis of Assisi
9/9Thu8:00am+ James Kiss (D)Daily Chapel
9/10Fri8:00am+ Alfred Meunier (D)Daily Chapel
9/11Sat5:00pmRepose of soul of Timothy Lloyd (D)Main Church
9/12Sun8:30am+ Josefina Ortega (D)St. Francis of Assisi
9/12Sun11:00am+ Andrew Whitlock (D)Main Church
9/12Sun2:00pmPro Populo (O)Main Church
9/14Tue5:00pm+ Alfred Meunier (D)Main Church
9/15Wed8:00am+ Alfred Meunier (D)Daily Chapel
9/15Wed6:00pmSt. Francis of Assisi
9/16Thu8:00amSpecial Intentions (O)Daily Chapel
9/17Fri8:00am+ Alfred Meunier (D)Daily Chapel
9/18Sat5:00pmPro Populo (O)Main Church
9/19Sun8:30amSt. Francis of Assisi
9/19Sun11:00amSpecial Intentions (O)Main Church
9/19Sun2:00pm+ Alvin Sunga, Sr. (D)Main Church
9/21Tue5:00pmSpecial Intentions (O)Main Church
9/22Wed8:00am+ Andrew Whitlock (D)Daily Chapel
9/22Wed6:00pmSt. Francis of Assisi
9/23Thu8:00amSpecial Intentions (O)Daily Chapel
9/24Fri8:00am+ Bobby Paulk (D)Daily Chapel
9/25Sat5:00pm+ Michael Bliton (D)Main Church
9/26Sun8:30amPro Populo (O)St. Francis of Assisi
9/26Sun11:00am+ Purificacion Deleon (D)Main Church
9/26Sun2:00pm+ Lorraine Alfred (D)Main Church
9/28Tue5:00pmBirthday Blessing for Jonathan Murphy (L)Main Church
9/29Wed8:00am+ Sondra Gilman Gonzalez-Falla (D)Daily Chapel
9/29Wed6:00pmSt. Francis of Assisi
9/30Thu8:00am+ Bernard Panfil (D)Daily Chapel

October 2021
Date Day Time Intention Note
10/1Fri8:00amSpecial Intentions (L)Daily Chapel
10/2Sat5:00pm+ Allen Elliott Sr. (D)Main Church
10/3Sun8:30amSt. Francis of Assisi
10/3Sun11:00amPro Populo (O)Main Church
10/3Sun2:00pm+ Matthew Kostowski (D)Main Church
10/5Tue5:00pmLauren Jenkins (L)Main Church
10/6Wed8:00amRepose of the soul of Clement Alvin Miller (D)Daily Chapel
10/6Wed6:00pmSt. Francis of Assisi
10/7Thu8:00ampendingDaily Chapel
10/8Fri8:00amDaily Chapel
10/9Sat5:00pm+ Sondra Gilman Gonzalez-Falla (D)Main Church
10/10Sun8:30amPro Populo (O)St. Francis of Assisi
10/10Sun11:00am+ Andrew Whitlock (D)Main Church
10/10Sun2:00pm+ James Kiss (D)Main Church
10/12Tue5:00pmJohn & Susan Bayless Anniversary (L)Main Church
10/13Wed8:00amDaily Chapel
10/13Wed6:00pmSt. Francis of Assisi
10/14Thu8:00amDaily Chapel
10/15Fri8:00amJohn Bayless Bday blessings (L)Daily Chapel
10/16Sat5:00pmBlake Shepard Bday blessings (L)Main Church
10/17Sun8:30amSt. Francis of Assisi
10/17Sun11:00am13th birthday of Zoey Bautista (L)Main Church
10/17Sun2:00pmPro Populo (O)Main Church
10/19Tue5:00pmMain Church
10/20Wed8:00amDaily Chapel
10/20Wed6:00pmSt. Francis of Assisi
10/21Thu8:00amDaphne Laldee (L)Daily Chapel
10/22Fri8:00amTerence Laldee (L)Daily Chapel
10/23Sat5:00pmPro Populo (O)Main Church
10/24Sun8:30amSt. Francis of Assisi
10/24Sun11:00amRepose of the Soul of Ed Leavy (D)Main Church
10/24Sun2:00pmMain Church
10/25Mon8:00am+ Michael Bliton (D)Fr. Mariusz Private Mass
10/26Tue5:00pm+ Sondra Gilman Gonzalez-Falla (D)Main Church
10/27Wed8:00am+ Andrew Whitlock (D)Daily Chapel
10/27Wed6:00pmSt. Francis of Assisi
10/28Thu8:00amDaily Chapel
10/29Fri8:00amDaily Chapel
10/30Sat5:00pmMain Church
10/31Sun8:30amPro Populo (O)St. Francis of Assisi
10/31Sun11:00am+ Aaron Powers (D)Main Church
10/31Sun2:00pmMain Church

November 2021
Date Day Time Intention Note
11/2Tue5:00pmMain Church
11/3Wed8:00amHilary Van Horn Bday blessings (L)Daily Chapel
11/3Wed6:00pmSt. Francis of Assisi
11/4Thu8:00amDaily Chapel
11/5Fri8:00amSpecial Intentions (L)Daily Chapel
11/6Sat5:00pmBirthday of Renali Bautista (L)Main Church
11/7Sun8:30amSt. Francis of Assisi
11/7Sun11:00amPro Populo (O)Main Church
11/7Sun2:00pmMain Church
11/9Tue5:00pmMain Church
11/10Wed8:00amDaily Chapel
11/10Wed6:00pmSt. Francis of Assisi
11/11Thu8:00amDaily Chapel
11/12Fri8:00amDaily Chapel
11/13Sat5:00pm+ Donald Trednick (D)Main Church
11/14Sun8:30am+ Joseph Koprowski & family (D)St. Francis of Assisi
11/14Sun11:00am+ Andrew Whitlock (D)Main Church
11/14Sun2:00pmPro Populo (O)Main Church
11/16Tue5:00pmMain Church
11/17Wed8:00amDaily Chapel
11/17Wed6:00pmSt. Francis of Assisi
11/18Thu8:00amDaily Chapel
11/19Fri8:00amDaily Chapel
11/20Sat5:00pmKristie Shepard Bday blessings (L)Main Church
11/21Sun8:30amPro Populo (O)St. Francis of Assisi
11/21Sun11:00amMain Church
11/21Sun2:00pmMain Church
11/23Tue5:00pmMain Church
11/24Wed8:00am+ Andrew Whitlock (D)Daily Chapel
11/24Wed6:00pmSt. Francis of Assisi
11/25Thu8:00amDaily Chapel
11/26Fri8:00amDaily Chapel
11/27Sat5:00pmPro Populo (O)Main Church
11/28Sun8:30am+ Joseph Koprowski & family (D)St. Francis of Assisi
11/28Sun11:00amMain Church
11/28Sun2:00pmMain Church
11/30Tue5:00pmMain Church

December 2021
Date Day Time Intention Note
12/1Wed8:00amDaily Chapel
12/1Wed6:00pmSt. Francis of Assisi
12/2Thu8:00amDaily Chapel
12/3Fri8:00amSpecial Intentions (L)Daily Chapel
12/4Sat5:00pmMain Church
12/5Sun8:30amSt. Francis of Assisi
12/5Sun11:00amPro Populo (O)Main Church
12/5Sun2:00pmMain Church
12/7Tue5:00pmMain Church
12/8Wed8:00amPro Populo (O)Daily Chapel
12/8Wed6:00pmSt. Francis of Assisi
12/9Thu8:00amDaily Chapel
12/10Fri8:00amDaily Chapel
12/11Sat5:00pmMain Church
12/12Sun8:30amSt. Francis of Assisi
12/12Sun11:00am+ Andrew Whitlock (D)Main Church
12/12Sun2:00pmPro Populo (O)Main Church
12/14Tue5:00pmMain Church
12/15Wed8:00amDaily Chapel
12/15Wed6:00pmSt. Francis of Assisi
12/16Thu8:00amDaily Chapel
12/17Fri8:00amDaily Chapel
12/18Sat5:00pmPro Populo (O)Main Church
12/19Sun8:30amSt. Francis of Assisi
12/19Sun11:00amMain Church
12/19Sun2:00pmMain Church
12/21Tue5:00pmMain Church
12/22Wed8:00am+ Andrew Whitlock (D)Daily Chapel
12/22Wed6:00pmSt. Francis of Assisi
12/23Thu8:00amDaily Chapel
12/24Fri8:00amDaily Chapel
12/25Sat5:00pmMain Church
12/26Sun8:30amPro Populo (O)St. Francis of Assisi
12/26Sun11:00amMain Church
12/26Sun2:00pmMain Church
12/28Tue5:00pm+ Donald Trednick (D)Main Church
12/29Wed8:00amDaily Chapel
12/29Wed6:00pmSt. Francis of Assisi
12/30Thu8:00amDaily Chapel
12/31Fri8:00amBirthday Blessing - James Nolan (L)Daily Chapel

January 2022
Date Day Time Intention Note
1/1Sat5:00pmMain Church
1/2Sun8:30amSt. Francis of Assisi
1/2Sun11:00amPro Populo (O)Main Church
1/2Sun2:00pmMain Church
1/4Tue5:00pmMain Church
1/5Wed8:00amDaily Chapel
1/5Wed6:00pmSt. Francis of Assisi
1/6Thu8:00amPro Populo (O)Daily Chapel
1/7Fri8:00amDaily Chapel
1/8Sat5:00pmMain Church
1/9Sun8:30amSt. Francis of Assisi
1/9Sun11:00amMain Church
1/9Sun2:00pmPro Populo (O)Main Church
1/11Tue5:00pmMain Church
1/12Wed8:00amDaily Chapel
1/12Wed6:00pmSt. Francis of Assisi
1/13Thu8:00amDaily Chapel
1/14Fri8:00amDaily Chapel
1/15Sat5:00pmPro Populo (O)Main Church
1/16Sun8:30amSt. Francis of Assisi
1/16Sun11:00amMain Church
1/16Sun2:00pmMain Church
1/18Tue5:00pmMain Church
1/19Wed8:00amDaily Chapel
1/19Wed6:00pmSt. Francis of Assisi
1/20Thu8:00amDaily Chapel
1/21Fri8:00amDaily Chapel
1/22Sat5:00pmMain Church
1/23Sun8:30amPro Populo (O)St. Francis of Assisi
1/23Sun11:00amMain Church
1/23Sun2:00pmMain Church
1/25Tue5:00pmMain Church
1/26Wed8:00amDaily Chapel
1/26Wed6:00pmSt. Francis of Assisi
1/27Thu8:00amDaily Chapel
1/28Fri8:00amDaily Chapel
1/29Sat5:00pmMain Church
1/30Sun8:30amSt. Francis of Assisi
1/30Sun11:00amPro Populo (O)Main Church
1/30Sun2:00pmMain Church

February 2022
Date Day Time Intention Note
2/1Tue5:00pmMain Church
2/2Wed8:00amDaily Chapel
2/2Wed6:00pmSt. Francis of Assisi
2/3Thu8:00amDaily Chapel
2/4Fri8:00amDaily Chapel
2/5Sat5:00pmMain Church
2/6Sun8:30amSt. Francis of Assisi
2/6Sun11:00amMain Church
2/6Sun2:00pmPro Populo (O)Main Church
2/8Tue5:00pmMain Church
2/9Wed8:00amDaily Chapel
2/9Wed6:00pmSt. Francis of Assisi
2/10Thu8:00amDaily Chapel
2/11Fri8:00amDaily Chapel
2/12Sat5:00pmMain Church
2/13Sun8:30amSt. Francis of Assisi
2/13Sun11:00amMain Church
2/13Sun2:00pmMain Church
2/15Tue5:00pmMain Church
2/16Wed8:00amDaily Chapel
2/16Wed6:00pmSt. Francis of Assisi
2/17Thu8:00amDaily Chapel
2/18Fri8:00amDaily Chapel
2/19Sat5:00pmMain Church
2/20Sun8:30amSt. Francis of Assisi
2/20Sun11:00amMain Church
2/20Sun2:00pmMain Church
2/22Tue5:00pmMain Church
2/23Wed8:00amDaily Chapel
2/23Wed6:00pmSt. Francis of Assisi
2/24Thu8:00amDaily Chapel
2/25Fri8:00amDaily Chapel
2/26Sat5:00pmMain Church
2/27Sun8:30amSt. Francis of Assisi
2/27Sun11:00amMain Church
2/27Sun2:00pmMain Church

March 2022
Date Day Time Intention Note
3/1Tue5:00pmMain Church
3/2Wed8:00amPro Populo (O)Daily Chapel
3/2Wed6:00pmSt. Francis of Assisi
3/3Thu8:00amDaily Chapel
3/4Fri8:00amDaily Chapel
3/5Sat5:00pmMain Church
3/6Sun8:30amSt. Francis of Assisi
3/6Sun11:00amMain Church
3/6Sun2:00pmMain Church
3/8Tue5:00pmMain Church
3/9Wed8:00amDaily Chapel
3/9Wed6:00pmSt. Francis of Assisi
3/10Thu8:00amDaily Chapel
3/11Fri8:00amDaily Chapel
3/12Sat5:00pmMain Church
3/13Sun8:30amSt. Francis of Assisi
3/13Sun11:00amMain Church
3/13Sun2:00pmMain Church
3/15Tue5:00pmMain Church
3/16Wed8:00amDaily Chapel
3/16Wed6:00pmSt. Francis of Assisi
3/17Thu8:00amDaily Chapel
3/18Fri8:00amDaily Chapel
3/19Sat5:00pmMain Church
3/20Sun8:30amSt. Francis of Assisi
3/20Sun11:00amMain Church
3/20Sun2:00pmMain Church
3/22Tue5:00pmMain Church
3/23Wed8:00amDaily Chapel
3/23Wed6:00pmSt. Francis of Assisi
3/27Sun8:30amSt. Francis of Assisi
3/27Sun2:00pmMain Church
3/30Wed6:00pmSt. Francis of Assisi

April 2022
Date Day Time Intention Note
4/3Sun8:30amSt. Francis of Assisi
4/3Sun2:00pmMain Church
4/6Wed6:00pmSt. Francis of Assisi
4/10Sun2:00pmMain Church
4/17Sun2:00pmPro Populo (O)Main Church
4/24Sun2:00pmMain Church

May 2022
Date Day Time Intention Note
5/1Sun2:00pmMain Church
5/8Sun2:00pmMain Church
5/15Sun2:00pmMain Church
5/22Sun2:00pmMain Church
5/29Sun2:00pmMain Church

June 2022
Date Day Time Intention Note
6/5Sun2:00pmMain Church
6/12Sun2:00pmMain Church
6/19Sun2:00pmMain Church
6/26Sun2:00pmMain Church

July 2022
Date Day Time Intention Note
7/3Sun2:00pmMain Church
7/10Sun2:00pmMain Church
7/17Sun2:00pmMain Church
7/24Sun2:00pmMain Church
7/31Sun2:00pmMain Church

August 2022
Date Day Time Intention Note
8/7Sun2:00pmMain Church

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