Restore Mount St. Mary's Grotto

Restore Mount St. Mary's Grotto

Every year, hundreds of thousands of pilgrims to the National Shrine Grotto are inevitably touched by one thing, the unique intercessory power of Our Blessed Mother Mary to her son, Jesus Christ. This is a special and holy place of spiritual repair and inner peace.

As each year passes, time begins to take its toll on these holy grounds. Because of your generosity, you will preserve the serenity of the beloved National Shrine Grotto so future generations can make the same inspiring pilgrimage that you’ve made.

We understand that the National Shrine Grotto is a special place to you. It’s a part of you and uniquely yours because you have experienced that this mountain is blessed with the presence of the Blessed Mother in a very special and tangible way.

We are grateful for your help to ensure that these holy grounds will live on for you and many others for years to come. Please complete the following gift agreement. If you have any questions, please contact Lori Stewart, director, by phone (301) 447-5318 or email

May God bless you for your generous support of these holy grounds!

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