May Crowning ~ A Gift of Prayer!

May Crowning ~ A Gift of Prayer!

Blessing and Crowning following 12 p.m. Mass at the Grotto Cave

A beautiful ceremony accompanies the traditional Crowning of Mary in May - a month dedicated to her - let's honor her with both our prayerful thanks and petition her powerful intercession. A 12 ft. long silk flower crown will be hoisted over 100 ft. in the air to crown our 25 ft. tall gold-leafed bronze statue of our Blessed Mother.

Help us shower Our Blessed Mother, Queen of Heaven, with a beautiful bouquet of flowers!

Between the May Crowning, May 3, and Mother's Day, May 10, the National Shrine Grotto will place a rose for each donation made online at the altar of the Shrine Chapel.

With a donation of $100 or more, a dozen roses will be placed in front of our Blessed Mother in the name of your loved one(s). With a donation of $50, half a dozen roses will be placed, with a donation of $25, three will be placed, and with a donation of $10, one will be placed.